Have more interesting remote video events.

flexi.chat is an app where you can have group calls with flexible schedules and interactive speaking formats.

A screenshot of flexichat, showing the ability to have a schedule in a videochat

Having a potluck, a family reunion, a meetup, or a conference isn't the same on a videochat.

In real life, rooms have different corners for people to be in, and it's easy to take turns.

flexi.chat helps this by scripting a videoconference so that events can be more fluid.

Examples of things you can do:

  • Have an introduction section to a meeting where everyone introduces themselves one by one. Everyone else gets muted.
  • Run an online meetup where participants are randomly paired every 5 minutes before the main talks.
  • At the end of the talks, queue up questions.
  • Run a friend reunion where everyone is paired up with everyone over the course of the event.
  • Vote on topics as the event unfolds, and then dedicate rooms to group conversations about the most popular topics.
  • ...etc!

How it works

1. Choose your event schedule

Choose how you want people to interact. Combine the different formats into blocks of time, and tweak them how you want them.
Or use our pre-written templates.

2. Schedule your event

flexi.chat can send out email invites if your event, or give you a link to add to Google calendar.

3. Participate and keep the event going smoothly

flexi.chat has a Host View, where you can see your event and tweak the schedule, make announcements, or add/remove people.

Open Source

Join us by contributing new ideas, bugfixes, designs, formats, or code at Gitlab!